very very good.
intro to until the end of time is stellar,
very nice.
the quality could be better.
and the drums were kinda boring.
but other than that, it was really good.
i like the main riff in the song.

EDIT: Totally forgot, nice solo too.

my song on my profile if youll check it out.
do you remember how it was.
Damn! The part where the vox come in Make Me A Believer scared the **** out of me! The mixing is all over the place, it sounded like the guy was screaming behind me in my room. That being said the playing was tight as hell and the tones on guitars were awesome. So, I suggest mixing the track again. Otherwise, good job!

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the instruments on make me a believer are great really clear and tight, my only problem is the vocals, for starters they clip at points, bt mainly its the way they have been mixed, too much reverb in my opinion they sound miiiiles away and in the wrong direction, they need to be right up front. other than that a great track really well done.
the intro the the end of time seems a little flat to me, needs a lift in the mids just to make it a bit clearer, the drums sound quite far away but overall the track is really tight like the other one, good playing on both tracks, i especially like the solo its just the mix that lets it down a little in places
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