Reminds me of Metallica, definitely.

I'm not into the style very much, but it certainly resembles some bands who are signed and regularly gigging. Cheers And keep rocking in that dining room 'till all the china cracks up!

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especially... if it reminds you of anything you've ever heard, let us know!
Well I ain't a singer so i can't really judge to much but like for instance on Dream Child he sounded like he was straining to hit the notes maybe change the key or something. And on the heavier stuff he should add a bit more gruff to his voice to give it abit more balls. But what do I know.
I like the music and all, but, I think your singer lost his false teeth. Cause he sounds like a teethless bum. He hit's the tones alright but, yeah, sounds like his teeth are missing. Just listened to the first song btw.