Check out my metal band Haze of Judgement


Two demo tracks up there, will be recording more soon.
The two songs are more in the style of nu metal but we have some more progressive and thrashier numbers as well as more mellow ones.
No drummer at the moment so the drums were done with a drum machine, all songs are home recorded

Influences include Machine Head, Korn, SOAD, Deftones, Opeth, Otep, Slayer etc...

If you like you can leave your band and we'll check it out.

Thanks to anyone who gives their time to listen it means alot.
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I like Revolution of Pain. Some nice songwriting going on there. Love the voice. Bit nasaling tho. The screaming has a good tone aswell. Very nice build up aswell half way through. Some better production for the song would really bring them out! Lovely outro too

Check out my band!
I'm not really into this style of music, but I have to say it sounds good for what it is. Keep it up bro.
Thanks guys, Tarzan Man I will check your band out. I will make a proper comment on your thread.