ok my friend is thinking about getting a guitar with a kahler and he keeps asking me about it like i know what the difference is. whats the pros and cons over a FR? is it floating or can you only dive bomb
well... if its an original kahler... it should be better than a floyd rose.... and yes its a floating bridge... But its more expensive though and is harder to find parts for...
^ Yeah, I'd like to know the reasoning for "better" too.

They're high quality machines, but as far as practical use goes, Kahlers are nowhere near the Floyd design. They're single-locking, have at least three friction points in the system (versus one on the Floyd), they don't flutter (Kahler balance springs are very short and very stiff), and they don't react too well to lateral string stretching (say, bending or even furious strumming if you're into that). I could go on about maintenance too.

On the upside, Kahler actuation doesn't change the action (or string height) like a Floyd does.
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