Never noticed this until I got a soundhole pickup and kept hitting it, but is this a bad habit, or pretty common, or what? My pick goes right where a soundhole pickup would be. I see folks on TV and they're more towards the bottom, or at least in the middle. That's just pretty uncomfortable to me, because I have to make my guitar neck stick out further and I can't play with my left hand as well.

Also, I point my neck out to the front more than usual, is this bad?
I always say there is no right way to do it as long as your comfortable and can play well. Just wing it

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There's nothing wrong with it. Try experimenting with strumming in different areas. It's a similar effect to adjusting the tone nob on an electric guitar. You should familiarize yourself with the differences and take advantage of them!
Strumming position can be used to add emphasis to certain parts of your playing. Where you are playing isn't wrong by any means, but being aware of where your right hand is can help make your playing sound better. Try resting your heel on the bridge pins while you play (without muting the strings, of course). Good luck.
thats perfectly fine. it gives you a bassier sound. the sound nearer the bottom is a more shimmery sound. for softer songs, i like going up near the neck.

i used to play up there when i kept my guitar strap really high, but i wanted a bit more of the sound near the bottom, so i loosened my guitar strap. it's quite low now, but i can now comfortably strum down there and move up a bit if i need to.

while im sitting down, i sit somewhat classical style with the guitar between my two legs instead of sitting on one. i feel that i can somewhat cradle the guitar closer to my body and access everything more comfortably.