Okay, well, it all started off about 2 months ago when i bough an ibanez (i think) IJX40 from my buddy for 40 bucks. It was a nice red color, and i wanted my own frankenstine. (pics can be seen on my myspace: here )

Well, since those pictures, i have put in a LED, removed the single coils, sanded down the headstock, and put cigarrete burns on the head. now, i want to do some bodily wear and tear. ive done a little bit of research, like a guide from fender on how to make a SRV #1 (guide ) but this is more wear then i want. i want something similar to the original frankenstine and also some wear on the hardwear. how is the best way to do this? (ive heard of the 'drag-your-guitar-behind-your-car method' and im not gunna do that.)

any help please?

thank you.
I'm, not sure about aging hardware, but for the body, get some sandpaper and do some gradual sanding, hit it with chains for dents and chips, ect. Pretty much do what it says in the tutorial you posted, but to less of an extreme.
it helped for the body. but im still looking into the hardware aging process.

thanks for the help though!
well, i havent yet, but if you dilute acid (say, bleach) in water, pour that in a bowl, set the bowl and your hardware in a sealable bucket and close the bucket off for a few hours, it will, apparently, begin to age.
I had tested putting some salicylic acid on a spare trem arm to see what the affect would be, that stuff can kill warts and burn your skin but it doesn't really do anything to metal. I doubt diluted bleach will do anything...
Perhaps if you pour a whole bottle of salicylic acid on it in a bowl and lt it soak, it would work.
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I soaked the trem in a home-made mixture of water, vinegar and toilet bowl cleaner. it started to age it after about 3 hours, and then i rinsed it and dryed it. It looks better now.

any words of wisdom on how else to make this cheap guitar sound a bit better?