Ok I got this from Long and McQuade http://www.zzounds.com/item--MXRDD11 an MXR Dime Distortion. Actually I rented it for $11 lol It's an older one w\o that guys face on it but still the same thing.

Anyways I got it last week, pluged it in and nothing, light didnt even turn on. Brought it to my guitar teacher and he said said they gave me the wrong power adapter. Today I finally got a chance to bring it back, exchanged the adapter no questions asked, got home and it still doesnt work.

Well it turns on atleast, but just makes weird farting sounds that;s kind of echoing\turning on and off. I used the line out thing on my amp and plugged it in my computer so you guys can hear it. But I'm a noob and don't know how to upload it on to the forum. So if someone can walk me through it I can post it up.

In case it matters my amp is a Marshall Valvestate VS30R. I know it's not the amp that's messed up b\c I also rented a BOSS Flanger and it works perfectly fine.
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plug it in at the store next time?

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