I pried off the tone knob from a squire strat and now I cant seem to get it back on, it fits into the whole but it doesn't stay in, did I break it how do I fix this!?
Could you explain a little more about what you did? Did you just take the plastic knob off? If so, you may have damaged it. See, the shafts of the pots have grooves in, as do the insides of the knobs. These are for grip, so that they don't pull off easily. If you've damaged those and it's a loose fit, then that would explain it.
Well I just twisted it off, it is a loose fit as well so looks like a damaged it.

Is there anyway to fix this? I just bought the guitar but I don't plan on keeping it.
Superglue, I guess. It's brittle, so it would come off if enough force was applied. Alternatively, you could just buy a new knob for it. They're inexpensive.
just take a small strip of electrical tape and put it around the pot shaft. the knob on my dean Evo came off and i did this, put the knob back on and it hasnt fallen off since. but i just got a shoddy dean and was too much of a noob to take it back and ask for a new one. the tone knob AND the pickup selector "bulb" fall off. god im an idiot. well, maybe it is about time for a new guitar.

sorry about the rant. yep, electrical tape should do the trick.
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you can also take a thin screw driver and carefully split the pot shaft a little more. it will be wider and the plastic knob will fot on better.

dont snap the shaft, carefully.

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