looking to get the sound of tool's guitarist. i do play other music but that doesn't matter much. I'm looking for a smaller tube amp over my Roland cube 15. I'm not gigging, and I'm not going to play really loud so 50 watts and under should do. I'm looking for combo's and not stacks so any suggestions are appreciated.

Price range?
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its kind of expensive to get his tone. i play a lot of tool my self but i had to waste some cash trying to get close to his tone. what i would recommend is get a good combo amp and a multi effects processor with delay, flange, and wah those are the main effects you would need for a tool sound. don't stress a lot about it man cause chances are you won't play tool the rest of your life.
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Why not get a POD ? It will get you really close to most sounds you can think of without breaking the bank.
I'd prefer $600 and under but I have more money if I need to. Yeah I know Tool is expensive to get the tone, I've looked at their equipment and it's top of the line.