I was jamming today on my Peavey Valveking 112 and it started acting weird. First it was making these weird popping sounds which came and went sporadically. I put it on standby to re-tune and when I turned it back on it started making this terrible machine-gun sound. After a few seconds it stopped but now it won't make any sound at all, no matter what's plugged into it. I tried different cables, and both tubes are still glowing orange in the back.

Does anyone have any idea what happened or how to fix it? I didn't have it up too loud so I don't think I blew it out. I was using a distortion pedal but it's the same one I always use and it never had this problem before.

What's the deal?
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give it a swift kick and file insurance that your drummer kicked it :P

always blame it on a drummer
I have had it for less than a year and I never did stupid stuff like turn it on without letting the tubes warm up or anything like that. I can't return it since I moved after I bought it. IS there any way I can check for damage to the speakers or tubes, or at least find out what's wrong?

EDIT- I found this:

"In an amplifier that has ever worked correctly once, motorboating is almost always a signal that the decoupling capacitors in the B+ lines of the preamp section are going high impedance, not decoupling properly. Replace the B+ decoupling capacitors at least for the preamp. Since the other capacitors are old, also, consider replacing ALL of the electrolytic capacitors in the amp"

What the **** is he talking about? What does that mean?
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Wow, SkyValley = Epic win.
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