I have a Vox Da5 and Sz520- it serves well as a practice amp . So does it make sense to upgrade my amp to a tube or maybe a hybrid..

i was thinking a Vox ad15vt - but essentially the Da5 is pretty similar to that - so perhaps a Blackheart amp ---- I might wait and try out the Little Ant - or maybe the Little giant

suggestions ?
If you can afford a nice valve amp, then by all means, go for it. I've not been able to try a Blackheart, so I can't comment on that. But you're right when you say that the AD15VT and DA5 are similar, so there's not much point in getting the Vox.

What kind of music do you play and how much can you spend?
Classic Rock, Funk some Blues, just a little metal.

budget is up in the air as of right now
Perhaps a nice tube combo.

If you have about $400 to $600, you couldn't go wrong with a Peavey Classic 30 or a Fender Blues Jr.

They can't do metal on their own without a pedal though, so if metal is a big priority, then you might want something else though. But both those amps, especially the Classic 30 could do the Classic Rock, funk, and blues all very well. That with a good OD pedal is a very nice combination.

If you want more metal tones, check out a Valveking. They're kind of hit or miss with people, so definitely try one out before you buy it. But it'd get more of a metalish tone than the Peavey or the Fender.

That goes without saying really for all amps; be sure to try it out for a good while before you buy it.
Cool thanks for the info -

What about the Little 1 Watt Ant coming out by Blackheart - what kind of music can I get from that - seems like a nice affordable little tube amp -

also the Black heart Little Giant or Valve Junior -- thats more of my price range ... would these be a good upgrade from my Da5? or pointless
Are you going to practice in your bedroom? Or are you going to gig with a drummer and other instruments?

I have played neither the Blackhearts or the Valve Junior, so I can't comment.