I was just looking at James Jamerson's bass, and i noticed it had a bridge cover. Now that got me wondering about how you change strings with a bridge cover on your bass without having to remove it?

I'm considering putting one on my p-bass, because it looks damn sexy, but if it becomse a hassle to change strings i might reconsider.
From what I believe, those bridge covers were held on by 2 screws. It's not a big deal to take it off.
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Plus, he changed his strings once a decade. That's obviously an exaggeration but the point is, he didn't change until they broke.
^Yep, only 2 screws, no big deal. And yeah he almost never changed his strings. He also had a foam mute under the strings, so he might have kept it on to hide that. I can't think of any other reason to have it on unless you think it looks good or if you have an ugly, rusty bridge, but back then they probably thought it served some practical purpose.
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