Hey I've had my MIM Fat Strat for some time now (got it early '07), and I always hear about people replacing the pickups for them. Personally, I am happy with the status quo, but I've always wondered how much your tone improves from getting better pups.

If I ever want to replace them, what should I look for? I've been playing for almost three years, I play rock and blues, and I'm looking for the Frusciante tone. I play out of an okay 15W Fender Frontman. Budget shouldn't be an issue.

Thanks a lot in advance!
Get a better amp, then worry about pups.
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First of all You should buy a new amp because if You'd like to have a better sound the amp is the thing. I recommend You Fenders 57/62's for Frusciante's tone. I had them in my 62' Strat and the sound was amazing.
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