is it weird for a senior in college to be living in the dorms? i can't really afford to move off campus and i actually don't mind living in the dorms. i can't see why everyone is so eager to move out.
Should be fine if you like bumming.
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my roommates 27. i see nothing wrong with a senior still in the dorms
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most people wanna get out because you get more freedom. also, you can smoke/drink without fearing getting caught
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like, you can live in your own house if you are ambitious. other wise, you look like a slob, and chicks don't dig that. also, you have to pay for gas to get to campus everyday, and you have to go to the freaken luandromat. that fact that old people go there just creeps me out.
Where I go to school, it's cheaper living off campus. I don't see why you'd wanna live in the dorms if you're a senior, unless you don't like to drink or smoke or make noise.
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Im a soph, living in a dorm is cool, you get lots of freedom, and i understand with your financial situation, but in mine, it would be cheaper to get a house with a good amount of roomates, and think about how much more fun having a house off campus would be. Mad big parties, and i would love to have a few home shows.