hey, i've noticed a lot of static coming from my amp. i have a:

harmony guitar (i know, poopy brand)
A.D. Music Instruments 25 watt amp (again, i know, poopy brand)
Fender Electrovolt Cable

so, im pretty sure the static is not from the cable, i researched reviews on it and everyone reports no buzz or static. so, is it my amp or my guitar making the static?

obviously, i notice the static the most when my overdrive is on. these are my guitar/amp settings when im normally playing:

guitar volume - 5
amp overdrive - on
gain - 7 to 8
overdrive volume - 2 ... yes 2

i hear a little static when i have the volume at a 2, but if i turn it any higher, the static is insanely loud. of course, the guitar is much louder too, but the static is not good. all my friends can turn their amps and guitars up as loud as they want, even with high gain, and the volume is louder without gaining the background noise of static.

i have dusted out my input jack, played in different rooms in the house too(in case it was some interference maybe?)

i put a quick video on youtube with audio recordings of the static i get. if you guys would listen to it, it would help a lot. any advice and assistance is greatly appreciated

Link to the video ----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEHODkIkN3c

p.s. the youtube video says "for the people on electricguitarforums". ignore that lol. i've posted the problem on more than one forum because i really need some help lol.
i have treble, mid, and bass all around 4-5... so i dont think its that. but maybe? lol keep the ideas coming!
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well.. you said your gain is all the way up to 7-8.. your probably overdriving your amp.

the way you said you have your amp set up.. with high gain and low volume, try doing the opposite. put your volume all the way up.. and put low gain.
ok, i'll give that a shot. always had the gain high because i really like the "crunch" it gives. figured you needed high gain for that. but i guess it would still give that same crunch if the gain was lower and the volume raised.

i can't get at my guitar until tomorrow (thursday), but i will try that as soon as i can.

if anyone else has any other ideas, post 'em.
yeah it will... i always leave my post gain (overdrive volume) maxed out.. you wont loose tone and volume from your overdrive setting.

and i keep my pre gain (gain knob) to about 3-4 and i get a good scratchy crunchy sound out of it.. having higher gain than that will totally distort your tone for real.
ok, thanks a ton man. sounds like the solution i've been looking for. if that doesnt work... well i dont know what will haha. oh and if anyone wants to, give me your input on a Epiphone SG Special. if i get rid of the Harmony guitar im using, i may get one of those. like the tone they give
well, i figured it out finally. i gave what pepsi said a try. all that did was get rid of the distortion and make a really loud clean sound... so i started trying to find the culprit of the static. i turned my guitar volume all the way down. still the static went. so i figured it wasnt the guitar. but just to make sure i unplugged the guitar, and the static still went. so i unplugged all cables and made sure there was no input into the amp... and guess what! the static was still there!!! so now my guess is (im 95% sure) is that its my amps overdrive setting making all the static... so i guess i get a better new amp lol
well, today i am saddened after disconnecting everything from my amp and finding it still had static, i today decided i better double check its not the guitar... and what do i find? the guitar is making static too!!! when the amp is alone (no guitar plugged in) the static is quiet (unless overdrive is turned up alot) and is a kind of "hissssss" ing static. so then, with the guitar plugged into the amp, i left it on clean. on clean i usually get a little static at high volumes. so i turned the clean volume up all the way, heard the static, and turned the guitar volume all the way to 0... and that little bit of static went away. the static from the guitar is more of a "ang" noise and is much louder. so pretty much the static i have been getting is guitar and amp related also, i turned hte overdrive on and listened to the static with the guitar volume at 0. there was static, but then i turned the volume on the guitar to 5 and there was TONS more...

SO. if there are any ways to get rid of static coming from a guitar, fill me in!
ok... thanks for the criticism on the way i post? :S something related to the topic would be nice... like help
get a new amp. If you can isolate the issue, it will help. For example take your cable and guitar to a friends house or say a music store. Plug up, is there static? If not, it's the amp. some combination will help you figure it out.
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Does the buzzing stop or reduce when you damp the strings with your hand?
It sounds like the guitar is not properly earthed, i've seen this problem on most cheap guitars. Increasing the gain on the amp is only amplifying the buzzing which is usually too quiet to be noticeable.

Take the back off the guitar and look for a wire connecting the bridge to the output jack.
If there isn't one, put one in somehow. (This may involve drilling)
If there is a wire there it is probably a cheap nasty one which could do with replacing.

Of course, the earthing problem could be in the amp (cheap amps are usually quite bad), but when I re-earthed my guitar the static buzzing sound reduced quite a lot.
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I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT! and man is it weird... i was having a friend bring his guitar and amp over so i could see if i got static with those. while we were in the basement (where i usually play), my stepdad says "well there is a lot of metal down here. could cause interference." i thought yeah whatever. its just a crappy guitar or amp. but then i thought, maybe hes right. so i started thinking. what was the only electrical appliance that was throughout the whole basement and on when i played? ... the only thing i could think of was the lights. so i held my guitar (with amp on, overdrive engaged, just like i would normally play) up to the lights and what do you know, the static got worse. so i yelled to my stepbrother to turn off all the lights in the basement. he turned them all off and instantly 90% of the static went away. the other 10% is just the normal, very quiet hiss.

this whole time i've been trying to fix it, and nothing has been working because it was the lights! lol. just to confirm it i went upstairs and the static was gone when i played. so, thank you to everyone who came up with suggestions, and i guess that certain lights make a ton of interference rofl. it makes no sense but ... whatever lol. thanks again
yea, if you take a guitar and cut one of the earth or 'ground' connections, what you get is like a giant antenna which amplifies the biggest signal around, the AC wiring in your house, in this case, the pups just picked up the 'noise' from the lights
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