Right, yes I know i just got a new guitar, but I want to know what guitar I'm getting next so I can start saving,
I just eyed up the Calibre Classic, loads of people say the 80s ones and the very laatest one are the sh!t (not to be confused with 'sh!t'. Sh!t = bronze series)
But i heard they a exact copies of the 80s models, right down to the printing on the headstock,

you guys think it's good enough?
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They are handmade in the Czech Republic. You are basically getting a custom-shop guitar (sans options) for less than half the price.
I have a few of the '80s BC Riches (including a Mockingbird), and they are extremely nice. I think that due to improvements in construction tecniques, the new ones are even nicer.
Talk to Larry at Beat Street Music, he has a couple of them in stock and they look stunning.
I have bought from them before, and they are on the ball.
BC Rich are made in my country ?? ^^
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The hand crafted ones seem to be...

Which you guys prefer?
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I'm split between the two,
The red one looks kinda more rock n' roll, but i like natural looking guitars, like the colour of the wood, and thats pretty damn natural.
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The trans red. It would kick even more butt with black hardware like the ST.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
i wanted a mockingbird, but the ones at GC werent really up to par. those kick ass tho dude. id go for the trans red!
I'm not sure,
I think i might go for Red.
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