i've been doing loads and loads of alternate picking trying to build up speed, for weeks i have spent endless hours running through small drills but i've hit a speed barrier and i just cant seem to get past it without using hammer ons and pull offs, so i was wondering is there a trick to getting right or does it just take more practice? should i use my wrist or my arm for movement etc?
you will get faster, it just takes years, not weeks.
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I generally use my swrist for picking and forearm for strumming. Just keep running scales with a metronome and gradually increase your speed.
Also, try economy picking. Its faster and more efficient than alternate.
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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thanks i'll have a go with economy picking, but does it really take to get even close to a michael angelo batio standard? i'm open to any ideas; witchcraft, amputation etc
i totally agree. years. unfortunately. lots of years. and dont forget to use a metronome!
Yeah it took me a while to alt. pick really fast.
lol I remember at first I thought it was going to be super easy, but it takes time.
well i love aild songs so i learned alot of them and they use alternate picking in pretty much every song so i got LOTS of practice alt picking 2 or 3 strings... so pretty much practice and realize that it takes a long time... i've been playing around a year and i can alt pick great... but i have no chord skills and no sweeping skills :P
Economy picking is say you were alt picking on the E, you did an up, down, up , down and then you want to switch to the A string right after, you use the down you did to play the E and "transfer" it to the A.

So instead of Up, down -switch strings- up, down

you would do Up, down, -switch strings- down, up. Thats going to a higher string, going to a lower you would do the opposite.
usually my hands are naturally cold, i have no idea why, anyway i went cycling for about 80ish miles today and my hand were all red and warm, decided i'd play some guitar and for some reason they just feel more nimble, i tried to pick as fast as i tremolo picked (which is quite fast) and it worked if i just slowed it down a bit, the first 5 minutes both my hands werent as in sync with each other but now, i can go through all the drills really REALLY fast, at least twice as past as i could before. hopefully it wont go wrong when my hands go back to normal

EDIT: i'm using my arm for the picking movement and just lowering and raising my shoulder for movement, i think thats all thats changed
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