does anyone have any tips for recording a drummer in a large room that wants to use triggers for his bass.....i was going to call it off but i need the money. he wont play in a small room and will not ditch the triggers.
If you are playing music with fast double bass, you will probably want the triggers for a consistent sound on the recording.

I'm not sure where you are going with the whole room size thing, though. I don't think that's relevant to triggers, but I know that recording with triggers should make things easier overall.
just do it. it's not your fault if it sounds like **** and he won't take your advice.

try using lots of room mics for a mellower, roomier sound.
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Are the triggers attached to a real kick drum?

If so, mic the kick anyway and mix the triggers down afterwards and just say the cables were naffed. Then you seem like a god for having a plan B.

On the room size, a large room might work well. It all depends on the music. If it's all out metal then I'm sure it won't be brilliant, so I'd actually suggest using as many dynamics as possible with great off-axis rejection and maybe try individual dynamic mics for cymbals instead of 2 condensers as OHs. This will tighten your sound dramatically if you have the channel space.

Otherwise, Led Zep recorded in huge rooms with room mics and that was a part of their sound, so you may or may not want to take that into consideration.
dont get me wrong...i love the big room sound. ambient mics and stuff. but in this situation i am afraid the triggers wont mesh very good because i will be ina very ambient room