Hey guys... I've been playing electric guitar for like 4 years now.. I used to play metal so I really didn't care about music theory, but now I play in a praise band and I need to think of cool stuff for fills/etc. So like, I was wondering if anyone could help with like, telling me what to do over certain songs.. So, if a song is G,C,Em,D chords, what solo/scale/whatever would work best, what it is, how its applied. Just as much info as possible. I know it's asking a whole bunch but if you could, please help!! Thanks!

P.S., don't reply saying like, "wow you're a noob at guitar" etc etc. Please n thx!
'i used to play metal so i really didn't care about music theory'

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'i used to play metal so i really didn't care about music theory'



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Use pentatonics in those keys when that chord is played.


But, don't limit yourself to the pentatonic scale.
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Well the best advice would be starting to learn music theory.
If you really don't know any music theory, it's getting really hard to explain it clearly.


This is a good link for beginners.

Take some time and start learning slowly, and if you don't understand something you can ask here.
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