I got this off of musicgoround for 40 dollars for fun. The action was so ****ed when i got it, ugly paint, picks were actually duncans from the 80s, suprising, so i sanded all the paint off, sanded the neck to bare wood, tung-oiled it, about 20 coats, let it dry, buffed it. sanded the paint off the body, found it to be an 8-piece maple body, haha. too lazy to refinish it, so i jus sealed it and called it a day. decided i wanted to make it HSH instead of HH. drew my center line, lined it up with my templed, fired up the router, bahbam. perfect. decided i wanted a more conventional output jack, so i drilled one out. drilled in a slot for the mini two-way switch. made the old ouput jack another volume pot. took out the old frets, reradiused the fignerboard to a vintage strat radius (7.25''). started fretting it with extra jumbo frets, hit the fret in ,and the fingerboard popped off. so i dowelled it to the neck with toothpicks, clamped it up, let it try, a sliht shift, so i sanded the sides flush. plays so good now, the extra jumbo frets on the chord-friendly 7.25 radius make this play like a dream, i managed to get the action to 1/32 all the way across with no buzz, but it played so lame, so i moved it up to 2/32 on treble to 3 on the bass. wired it so that i had a 3 way for the two hums, a toggle switch for the middle pickup, and two volume knobs, reverse wired for independant pickup volumes, for some serious tone-blending.

its ugly, but it plays better than any guitar ive ever played.

Aria pros are amazing. great to see some here. The Fullerton Strat beat the hell out of all of my strats while being stock (and the strats have SD's in them)...Too bad it wasn't really mine...It was my brothers...and the damn crit sold it to get a PS2! (f*ckin 10 year olds)