this are the strongest magnets that i know. Imagine a pickup with this magnets. I have one right now and i can say that my phisics teacher advised that it can destroy magnetic cards, memory cards and electronic components. How would a pickup sound with neodimium magnets?
u couldnt play the guitar because the strings would be pulled to the pickups all of the time(like they would bend down)
Their are pickups with neodimium, hell ibanez has stocks with them and some custom shops use them. So yeh find a pickup with them and play it.

(excuse me if i'm wrong but i SWEAR, it is used)
just a guess, but they may be soo magnetic they pull your strings down. If not I would guess they may sound really really tight. I think, I don't know.
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Ok I was right they re used for pickups... so its not a guessing game guys
I'm looking at this sight and these seem pretty good, im gonna do more research, anybody ever tried them?
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
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i wonder how those pickups work ^^^

Well, like anyother pickup.

Just a different varient of the amount of magnent and the level of the field if exudes.