Anybody know of good classical songs to learn in order to build up your technique? I'm talking about classical composers like Paganini, Bach, and Vivaldi. If you know any goods songs to learn please tell me the name and the artist, thanks
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It depends on your skilll level. If you are advanced and still want to get better, lean some of Yngwie Malsteen's work. He is an excellent Neoclassical Metal guitarist.
Check out a bunch of Yngwie Malmsteen's versions of classical songs, they are fairly good at building up your technique and also fun to play.
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the Four seasons - vivaldi

Yep. But to narrow it down - Concerto No 2 In G Minor Op 8 RV 315 L'estate (Summer) Presto.
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Yep. But to narrow it down - Concerto No 2 In G Minor Op 8 RV 315 L'estate (Summer) Presto.

yeah thats the most popular part, but theres nothign 2 stop someone learning the whole thing. the entire peice is beautiful.. if uve got a spare hour listen 2 the whole thing lol
As said before by P1ayingW1thF1re - Malmsteen's work... as for Vivaldi... yep. The four seasons... especially Spring.
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I like to play Mozart's Rondo Alla Turca
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I hate spring lol... Winter from the Four Seasons.. the last movement I believe... slow brooding intro but it gets shreddy and really fawking nice, for a sec i thought you meant lame Classic Metal -whoops i omitted the "al" but yeah anyway-...

Dark Moor has an easy version of Winter... they call it "vivaldi's winter" lol

now if you want straight out insane try Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement

Vittorio Monti's Czardas is quite fun to play and has its fast parts, I recommend it... really nice sound to it too ... it's what I've been playing lately haha