Hi I remember hearing on a few occasions how much better that guitar sounds with a new certian kind of strings instead of the default steel ones, if the difference is really noticable and it dosent cost that much, I will probably go for it, so can anyone shed some light on this for me? What strings should I buy, if its worth it, for this guitar. Thanks in advance.
strings are pretty much a personal affair. it really depends what you like. It's taken me 9 months to find a set of strings that i really like. It'll probably take you some time to figure our what you like as well.

Here's some brands that people are often fond of:
Elixir strings
Martin - Regular or SP(i use SPs on my guitar. absolutely love them. never tried regulars)
Dean Markley Alchemy
D'addario - Regular or EXP(exps have a coating on them which make them last longer)

it's good to experiment with a few to find what you like.

elixirs are generally very bright and keep the "new string" tone for quite a long time, but are quite epensive at about $18 a pack here in toronto.

many people are often fond of Martin strings for their warm tone when the strings are played in. I especially love my Martin SPs right now. They have a very nice warm tone that still has a hint of shimmering brightness. They're exactly what I needed.

I have tried the Dean markleys once and was quite pleased with them. very bright like elixirs, but they have a very unique sound to them.

D'addario. many people swear by them, i, however, have only had bad experiences with them. i bought a set with part of the string jutting out, and it was sharp enough to cut through my callous. that shouldn't be a hinderance for you to try them out though. lots of people love D'addarios.
Thanks for the quick/detailed reply, I will buy a set of Daddarios and see what they have to offer, however will I notice a difference over the standard steel ones that come with the guitar, if thats arguable then I might give it a miss, I am completely usueless at that kind of thing, might be more troulbe than its worth