so there are a few things.
i really enjoy playing my acoustics but one really bothers me.
the action was pretty high but i cut down the bridge to fix that.
but barre chords are still hard to do on it,
so first question is,
will putting lighter/heavier gauge strings on it help at all?
and second,
if i cant get the barres aany easier on this thing could i take out the fretbar things and lower the action more, so i dont get on buzz on the little bars.
i really need to know because i can play songs on my others guitars and when i try to play them on this they just dont work.
and this is the guitar i like to take places because i dont mid hurting it
heavier guage strings will make it harder to play. lighter strings will definitely make it easier to play.

and no... dont take out your frets in order to play barre chords, man it up and practice instead. a good guitar musician adapts to the instrument, not the other way around. the more you practice, the better you will be.