guys help me on drop c tuning its soooo hard i dont like that ear tuning im too fuccing lazy so help me pleaseeeeeeee
...I'm not really quite sure how we can help you via internet.

Getingt a tuner would be your best bet if you're not good with tuing by ear.

unless someone knows a website that can just give you any pitch you want and you coudl match it, would that help?


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but maybe this will help you.


It plays the low C (this is for cello, but its still the same note)
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Drop C tuning is just drop D tuned down a whole step. It's CGCFAD. To go from standard to drop C, first tune down the sixth string 2 whole steps so when you play the ninth fret on the sixth string it will be the same pitch as your open A string. Then tune you A string down 1 whole step so when you play the seventh fret on the sixth string it will be the same as your fifth string open. Then play the fifth fret of the fifth string to tune the fourth string, then fifth fret on the fourth string to tune the third string , then fourth fret on the third string to tune the second string, then fifth fret on the second string to tune the first string.
if you have a chromatic tuner:

4 flats for E-string
2 flats for a-string
2 flats for d-string
2 flats for g-string
2 flats for b-string
2 flats for e-string
without a tuner you would first drop D and tune all the strings to that by playing at the 5th fret and such. this will tune it down one whole step, then drop the D down a whole step by making it an octave lower than the now C string (where D normally is).