Hi im buying an electric tuner and was wondering if this is any good? Seems like a good idea but I dont know anyone who uses it.

Also do electric and aucustic guitar straps differ at all? And what is that strange metal clip thing that usually is attatched onto the fret board when people use an aucustic? What does it do?

Thank you
yes you strap it the same on the strap thingies haha, the metal thing is a capo, it changes the pitch wherever you put it is like if that is the nut...
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A tuner is a tuner, you don't really need to be bothered about that too much. Straps don't differ. If you mean a capo then that acts as a replacement for your nut to get your strings pitch higher.
the only difference between the two straps is that acoustic straps will have a tie (shoelace) at one end because acoustics generally don't come with a strap pin on the neck side of the body. You tie the one end on the tuner side of the nut (the white thing on the neck that the strings go over). Tie it UNDER the strings.