what is your favorite Boston song mine is more than a feeling
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Me-"You know I was just kidding, right?"
Me-"I'm going to Hell, aren't I?"
Foreplay, best instrumental under 2 minutes ever written!
Dissonance is Bliss

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They all sound the same... so I'm going with the famous one, you know... same music different lyrics in about 10 different ways for all their songs. Now I do like their one song... but it's hard to distinguish.
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They only had like two albums right? Not much to choose from, but...
More Than A Feeling.
all of the songs off of the self titled album but those are really their only good songs.
Man I'll Never Be

More Than a Feeling and Peace of Mind are close though.
theres something i just have to say
i dont think i can hide what im feelin inside

More Than a Feeling is the only one I've heard so...

but it's truly awesome
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