ok so i haven't built a guitar or modified one at all and I'm thinking about buying Mustaine's Angel of Deth, but the only problem i have with it is the lack of whammy bar that is kind of apparent as i like to play stuff with whammy use. I'm kinda thinking that if i were to go out and buy a snazzy guitar it might as well suit most all my needs so i want to know if it is a) possible to outfit it with a whammy and string locks etc. and b) how much it will cost in addition to the 1300 + tax I'll have to pay for the ax. any thoughts would be great because i really don't want to miss out a great deal for such a great guitar
kahler flat-mount hybrid tremolo - 169.99. comes with a stringlock, which locks behind the nut. cost to get it routed for and mounted - about 60-80 dollars. floyd rose, about the same price, cost to get it mounted, about 200-250, needs a routing for the lcoking nut, and a trem-route. even more money if you want to get it recessed.

floyd rose tremolo is made for a 12'' radius, not sure if your guitar is 12'' or not. kahler tremolos are amazing systems, 6-way adjustable saddles, the cam system is set so it feels like zero-resistance. always stays in tune. go to www.wammiworld.com he will send you strings, stringlock, and routing template for free with your purchase. if you get a floyd rose, and your guitar is not a 12'' radius, you will have to get it refretted, reradiused for it to play correctly, which will cost about anoer 100-200 dollars.
Get yourself a Kahler trem, I don't think they need any routing.
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