I've got an old beaten up guitar selling on ebay with a day to go. Its definately going to go as there is no reserve and two bids already...

I dont have a case for it to be shipped in so i was going to wrap it in a load of bubble wrap then fill the box with crumpled newspaper. It would be alot easier for me to do this if i take the neck off and wrap it and the body individually.

Would this be OK to do???

This is my first guitar i've sold through ebay so im a little worried/curious...
go to some guitar store, and ask for a box that guitars come in, i'm sure they'll give you one, just mail it in that since thats pretty much what teh manufacturers do
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don't take the neck off, cuz if i was the reciever, id be kinda pissed
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Yeah dont take the neck off because it could be some noob buying it and they would be like, "WTF the guitar broke!?"
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I've taken pictures of the guitar with the neck off as the guitars pretty much useless except for the neck and the electronics at the moment.

People bidding are aware that this guitar is in dire condition too...
Yeah don't take the neck off some people don't know how to put it back.

What I've done before is exactly what you are saying, put it in a box with bubble wrap and newspaper. I've shipped and recieved guitars this way and if it's already beat up that's less reason to worry about shipping damage IF that happens.
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Also what do you think is an acceptable time between payment and shipping??? And should i wait for the buyer to pay through Paypal before i ship??? Obviously i'd ship as fast as i can but if i need to ship the guitar in one piece i might have a bit more trouble finding an ideal box for it to go in.
What's a decent price for shipping a guitar overseas anyway?
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