k so i never had a guitar teacher, so i know NOTHING of guitar theory, i just learn songs by tabs... could some one teach me guitar theory or tell me a good site... also whats the key of something, like a song....

and please dont call me a guitar noob, i have really good technique i just suck at theory.

I took 2years of theory.

Trust me you'll read it for an hour get bored and go back to being a noob.

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Why do we even have a theory sticky?
Someones knowledge of guitar companies spelling determines what amps you can own. Really smart people can own things like Framus because they sound like they might be spelled with a "y" but they aren't.
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Why do we even have a theory sticky?

i am not quite sure lol. it doesn't seem like anyone uses it. even when you suggest it they just want to know right away wiht out any effort.

at least i get that impression alot

i always read the lessons then if i am confused ask questions lol.
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You don't need theory to play music but only if you're blessed with a fantastic set of ears. Theory was used to document what was done but can be used for learning also.

Since you're reading tabs you can use the theory to see how it was arranged. Soon enough you'll recognize stuff like I-IV-V progressions, chord substitutions, and key changes to name a few.