Alright, I searched the forums, and it seems to be lacking a movie trivia thread.
Anyway, I was watching The Godfather on TV, and was wondering, does anyone know how many people are murdered through the trilogy?
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Shot on camera: Sonny, Paulie, Sollozzo, McCluskey, two guys in the elevator of the St. Regis Hotel, a guy trapped in a revolving door, a guy in bed with his girlfriend (and probably the girlfriend as well), Moe Greene, Barzini and his bodyguard and chauffeur. Shot off-camera: Bruno Tattaglia, Tessio by Cicci. Dead men pictured in montage of newspaper photographs: Four.

Garroted: Luca Brasi, Carlo Rizzi. Heart attack: Don Vito Corleone. Blown up: Apollonia. Grand total: Twenty-three.

Antonio Andolini, by Don Ciccio (off camera). Paolo Andolini, by one of Don Ciccio's men. Vito's mother, by one of Don Ciccio's men. Don Ciccio, by Vito. Fanucci, by Vito. Two button men who try to whack Michael; killer unknown. A prostitute, by Al Neri. A cop, by the Rosatos. A Cuban guerrilla who blows himself up and the Army captain he takes with him. Johnny Ola, neck broken by Bussetta. Bussetta, shot by a Cuban soldier. Pentangeli, self-inflicted, but at Michael's suggestion. Hyman lloth, by Rocco Lampone Fredo, by Al Neri. Grand Total: sixteen. (If we include the footage restored to The God-father Saga, add three more: Fabrizio and two of Ciccio's retainers.)

Two assassins, shot by Vincent. Three bosses (Volpe, Parisi, and Cuneo)' plus~ killed by Joey Zasa at the Atlantic City hit. "The Ant," shot, plus a couple of Joey's men, by Vincent's men. Joey Zasa. shot by Vincent. Don Tommasino and his driver, shot by Mosca. Keinzig, smothered with a pillow, probably by Vincent. Bodyguard, stabbed by Mosca. Pope John Paul I, under mysterious circumstances. Twin bodyguards, stabbed by Mosca. Don Altobello, poisoned by Connie. Lucchesi, killed by Calo. Calo, shot by Lucchesi's bodyguards. Mary, shot by Mosca. Mosca, killed by Vincent. Archbishop Gilday, killed by Neri. Total: twenty-one plus.

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What film has the highest amount of on screen deaths?

I know Rambo 4 has about 230, but there must be more.
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yea man, who ever doesnt like pantera or think they suck doesnt like metal, end of discussion, they changed the freakin world n made history, so don't be sayin they suck, have respect, same goes for machine head n lamb of god cuz their good too
The one with that one white guy in that big blockbuster movie with that monster and that zombie looking thing that didn't look like a zombie and it had that whorish like hot chick who gets pissed when people don't use punctuation while posting about movies in a fucking guitar forum you stupid fucking shit and I am just rambling on but i think that if that one movie had that many kills it would be better than that one that the director of the other made.
I would say when Alderran is blown up in Star Wars.

You see the planet explode. You see everyone die.

But, honestly, I have no clue.
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Cloverfield. Everyone on Earth dies.

um no they don't.

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I know Rambo 4 has about 230, but there must be more.

Nah, I think Rambo has that title.