right i posted a thread the other day about looking at 18inch cabs, well ive found what i want... http://www.isptechnologies.com/bass_vector.htm this cabs have one 18 inch speaker in it and 2 8 inch speakers so this cab is going to kill haha, my original plan was to get an 18inch and a 4X10 cab and use an ampeg pro series 2 head, but i need to know what would be the best head to buy, something thats powerfull and will make this arsehole of a cab sound good lol, so can you help me out

btw i do plan on getting another cab later, i dunno what i will get...but i think what will end up happening will be that i will order another noe of these cabs

cheers guys

I'd suggest the rig you were looking at before. The 8 inch speakers really will sound horrible in addition to a 1x18. I'd go with the 4x10/1x18/SVT-2 setup. It'll sound much, much better.
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this cab ive just showed you is the 18 im getting not in addition to the last one, i just need help to find out wether the head will be good for it

Dude, really dont go for the 18+2x8 you're looking at, it'll sound awful.

I'd suggest going for this instead, and getting the 4x10

It'll sound much better with that Ampeg

Saying that, you'd need more power handling than the Big Ben...

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Has anyone tried the 1x18+ 2x8, does anyone know how the speakers are configured?
The 8" drivers are usualy crossed over by a passive high pass filter, they take over where the 18 drops off therefore extending the range of the cab.
8" drivers are usualy more durable that mid range horns as well as being much cheaper than a horn of equal power handling capacity.
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