I like this song better than your last and that one wasnt that bad.

Youve got a really good start on song writing...whether you know it or not your voice fits very well with the lyrics you write and the strumming and picking patterns you seem to gravitate to.

Overall you need practice on guitar and vocals but please dont be discouraged by what Im writing youve got a lot of good stuff going on. When your listening back to your recordings listen carefully to your vocals and pick out every last part that you think you can improve on and do so. I have no doubts that you are capable of doing that.

Very well done.
If you check my profile song please leave a comment on any part.....THANKS!!!
This is a good song. It would be wicked if you picked up the vocals halfway through... and started singing it right out loud instead of the whispery sound. I'd love to hear a bass and drums kick in, and you start to sound more pissed off.

Aside from that, it just needs practice. I think everything is in place for a good song.

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