Hey i was wonderin if any one knew any good funk songs to listen to, especially good ones to play on guitar. I just recently got into funk so i wanna learn to play some funky songs.
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I'm curious to hear some guitar players reccomendations too. I have a friend who I need to suggest some songs to in order to teach him some basic funk stuff.

Some bands I would suggest are the

Ohio Players(love rollercoaster is a good song)
Tower of Power(What is hip? is a good song, Funk the dumb stuff is aight too)
check out Parliament-Funkadelic or P-Funk too.

EDIT: as for parliament, vheck out "give up the funk" doesn't have a real prominent guitar part, but it's an awesome song if ya like funk.

also Chaka Khan / Rufus "tell me somethin good"
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Funkadelic-Maggot Brain,One Nation Under a Groove,America Eats It's Young
James Brown-The Big Payback
Sly and the Family Stone-There's a Riot Going On

hit up youtube. But Understand, in Funk the Bass player is the star and the guitarist takes a backseat and keeps it funkin'