ok, I know you guys are gonna frown on my decision to buy a used guitar at guitar center, but thats not my question. At a guitar center close to me is a used Schecter
C-1 Elite. This guitar is $600 new but its selling for $350 used. The guitar has been there for 3 years now so I'm thinking that there might be something wrong with it. Do you think that the price tag is reasonable?
Try it out and find out.
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I have but i can't shake the feeling that I'm gonna get screwed over later on
I saw a Gibson SG 1964 VOS Reissue in mint condition there for $1000. It was on uber clearance. I was a dumbass and didn't buy it. I still regret it even after I got an SG.

This is kind of irrelevant but it bugs me sometimes.
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What would you rather regret:

Not buying it and seeing how good or bad it will be
Buying it and seeing how bad it is, but now you will know never to buy anything like it again
its a schecter, its a beast, as long as u put it through the proper testing in the store and get them to set it up for you (3 years of sitting im sure the neck needs a tweek) i dont see why you wouldnt want to do it. worst case theres always ebay to get rid of it
Why would you be looked down on for buying used? If the instrument is in good condition there's no reason not to.
any thing used will be around 50% off the orig price. Like what they say about cars, you lose 50% of its value when you take it off the lot.
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Its probly fine I just got a used Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les paul custom for $475 and aside from some chips onthe head its in almost perfect shape.