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A bit of a randomquestion but then again I am a random bassist but what is your favourite bass note? The note that oozes with bassness (?) and makes you come to life when you hear it.

I just love the sound of an open A turned up to 11 (aaah Spinal Tap...).
Bb or F, or, played together...
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Is this more F#0 trolling?

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F, I have no idea why.
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the chords at the beginning of Pink Panther and this chord

|--- 9----|
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G, Eb and E on the 7th fret A
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i always play in it would be D

same, i use my D strings (drop-D) all the time
notes: Bb first and F# second

I hate Eb

I like the 2nd inversion of the Dm [phantom of the Opera chord, heh]
I can tell you the girl's favorite is low F# .

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open B on a five-string. nothing's better.
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E, 12th fret on the E string. when i play it loud enough in my friend's basement, you think the whole house might collapse.
Slap a bass, not a ho.

It's an awesome note.
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G. best whe you do E-3 and G-0 at the same time.
F# is fun though.
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when the guillemots singer appeared on never mind the buzzcocks (tv show in uk :P) he said their double bass player found the perfect bass note to give a girl an orgasm, but wouldn't tell anyone what it is. maybe when we find out, that could be a new universal favourite XD
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Pretty much anything in the key of E. C# is pretty cool, so I'll go with that.
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lets D-estroy all other notes

get it?


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As Tom Morello says, when you want to rock, go to F#. I do this too.

+1, F# is my favourite key because of Rage actually, it's just amazing, but I think my favourite note is F.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
I like the A note, 5th fret on the E string. And also the F# on the E string, (2nd fret).

I dont really like open strings, you cant bend them and stuff. The only time I like them is when you slap and you start with a quick E or A and then go really fast to playing something.

TS: cool question!
C# on a low B *drools*. Clearly dominant to this F#.
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