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I have ableton live and working with it pretty well. I just need to know how do I remove vocals or a guitar riff just so I have the vocals.
I need to know how to do this because I want to mix songs together and for some songs I want vocals from another song and have a guitar and bass riff from another song.
So does anybody know how to do this? I know that a guy who mixes Blink-182 songs does this: http://www.myspace.com/carvremixes2

Thank you!,
- hotfoot982
In short, you can't really do that from a mixed down track. If you want to do the mixes like the Carv! guy, then your best option is to cut up the tracks in Ableton so you have like the chorus , a bridge section, few lines of verse etc, then use the transpose function to put them in the same key as the other song. Then play and experiment with playing them together using the crossfader.

Ableton can't just eliminate the vocals from a track.
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