I've been learning for 5 months now and since the beginning I've found it easy and pain-free to play a 2 string power chord with fingers 1 and 4.
At fret 7 and up I can easily reach with fingers 1 and 3 but I always had trouble and pain in my wrist trying to stretch from fret 1 to 3 and 3 to 5 using fingers 1 and 3.

So I figured I would do what felt the most comfortable because I read in several places that fingering isn't set in stone - do what works for you.

Now, I'm learning a cool blues riff where you play on the 5th string at frets 2, 4, and 5. (2-4....2-5....2-4) I really gotta do my stretches before my fingers will reach while keeping finger 1 anchored at fret 2......and even then I still have to work at reaching.

If I play this riff too much, my wrist starts to hurt. I had similar pain in the beginning while learning regular chords, but that went away after a few weeks of practice and rest.

Am I correct to assume that this pain and difficulty in reaching frets will eventually go away with practice, patience, and proper rest?

Has anyone else experienced this same situation?

Does anyone else play 2-string power chords with fingers 1 and 4?

I play my power chords the same, even though I have no trouble at all playing them with one and 3, I just think it looks cooler.
Wrist pains will go away over time, you just have to persevere but don't overdo it otherwise you could injure yourself.
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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The pain could go away but it could also damage your wrist. Make sure you don't have your guitar slung low, that will help, and yes I mostly play 2 stringed chords with 1 and 4.
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playing them that way will inhibit your playing, as most powerchords span over 3 strings such as:


the second chord is easy for me to play and pain free, but it takes time for your fingers and wrist to get used to stretching. I used to have trouble playing things like:

---7--- (drop D)
i normally use 1 and 3. i thought most people did. i wouldn't stop though using 4 though, it'll be good to get your little finger involved this early on, so you don't need to build up strength once you get better.
I play 2 string power chords with my 1st and 3rd fingers no matter where the 2 string power chord is at, unless it further than 2 frets apart, like what your talking about what your learning, I would use the 2-4 frets with my 1st and 3rd finger and then fret the 5 fret with my pinky or the 4th finger. I am starting to learn spider-riffing, which is Dave Mustaine technique.
Anyway about your pain, it will go away, but just do it for a little bit or how long it feels comfortable to you, and when it starts to hurt or feel uncomfortable stop playing, and take a break on it. I know it's not set in stone, but I would highly recommend using your 1st and 3rd fingers for 2 string power chords, it will make it easier doing other stuff, and down the road, but you don't have to just something I recommend to do, and I also recommend you try some scales to stretch out those fingers, again take your time and play until you start to feel some kind of pain or feels uncomfortable just stop, good luck to you, take care and God Bless!!
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(drop D)

Yeah, this one is really tough for me. I'll keep slowly working on stretching, but I won't worry too much because I know I'll eventually get there.