Ive been playing guitar for like 4 months. ive been playin an ellectric guitar, but i wana get an acoustic. r there any good acoustics 4 under 150$
Not really. But "Good" is loose. For $150.00 you'll get something that will work for you until you're ready to step up in stages. There is a difference between the $2500 Taylors and Martins vs everything else...... but nothing worth it until you're ready to invest in long-term instruments.

Just play a few in a store and try to find ones with relatively new strings. If they all look junky request them to change them. Bad Strings will make a mediocre guitar play terribly.
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i'd say the absolute minumum you need to spend to get a half decent guitar is $300 for a guitar without electronics. with electronics, the minimum is $400. Check out the "acoustic guitars under $300" thread that's stickied in this forum.

For $150, you're not really getting a guitar, you're just getting a hunk of wood that was placed together in the shape of a guitar. any quality in such low priced guitars($150 range) is far and few between.
If youre looking at brand new guitars then no, youre not going to get anything good for under $150. If that is your max budget id be looking at used guitars with a solid top as opposed to a new laminate top guitar (which is all you'll get for $150).
If possible, upping your budget to around $300 as captivate said will get you a decent brand new guitar.
For $150 (at least in my neighborhood), you're not looking new, you're looking pawn shop.

They get some good stuff (specially right now, property taxes are due Feb 29th) Take a tuner and plan on playing for a while, make a full inspection and play it for a while to see if it holds its tuning. You can get some real steals if you're willing to take time and shop.