how do i connect the foot switch 2 the amp, on a 1994 peavey classic 50?, so it goes from clean to distortion?
on the back of the amp it sould be closer to the left side, but prodominently in the middle
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On the back of the amp, next to the speaker output jack, there should be a jack labeled 'Footswitch'. Plug your footswitch into it.

Also, this should be in Guitar Gear and Accessories.
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kk ill see about that, but i think i tried it, i no it should be in gear nad accessories, but i accidently posted it in here
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ya i tried that, can u give me a diagram, mayb im doing it rong, but i dontt think so

There are two jacks on the back of the amp. Plug it into the right one (should say "switch" under it) and make sure the dirty channel is on (button pushed down on amp controls).