for the past few months iv been really pumped to see Dream Theater, Opeth, and BTBAM all in one night(i havent listened to 3 yet). and i have regularily been checking the roadrunner website for tour dates. well they're finally up and it lists no toronto show.

does anyone know if they r goin to do more dates or if im actually gona miss this.
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BAH is isn't coming within 1000 miles of Texas.
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Presale tickets tomorrow! Helllll yeah.
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May 31st down here ! **** yeah!

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May 20th in Boston. I cannot wait. Opeth and Dream Theater....
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I guess they'll announce more dates later because there's no Montreal show either
I have no idea if they're gonna add more dates.
Our band trip is to Cedar Point in Cleveland Ohio (i'm probably not going...scared shtless of rollercoasters, and i REALLY wish i wasn't). Well, That tour is coming there the same day we'd be going to the theme park. Theres a very slight possiblity some of us could go to it rather than the theme park. That would be SO EPIC.

Otherwise, they aren't coming anywhere near me, maybe a few hours away. I MIGHT be able to get lucky and go see them.

By the way, lisen to 3. They are truly amazing

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