Okay, so i was just at band practice... i leave my marshall amp ( no flames ) half stack there and just bring my guitar home... so i go to practice today and realize all my wires are unplugged ... i'm like okay... that's cool so i plug them and realize theres no power cord.... i'm like wtf... so i'm looking around for it... and no one realized where it was.... so i know someone had to steal it... so i take one out of the back of the computer and use it to practice... i decide at the end of practice since we got nothing done that i was quitting the band... because during practice i went outside to pee and the one guitarist told the others ( one of my friends just watched us ) about how he stole it for his other bands practice... i decided i was done with that death metal ****... and me and the other guitarist ( we had three guitarists ) are really good friends and are just going to start a band as us two.... we're going to record at my house all the guitar parts and use fruityloops xxl ( yes i have it. ) to do our sounds and maybe drums....

to make a long story short... anyone know where i can get some good tutorials for fruityloops? ones that will actually teach me something and we can get our **** rollin.... and does this sound like a good idea or complete fail?

Thanks UG.

Nah. this is now officially the best ceral thread.
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we didnt ask for your life story
you could have just asked about the tutorials
and to answer your question, i have no idea
glad to help
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is fruityloops a drum machine or something? only drumming programs i have are RhythmRascal, which blows, and GP5, which is slightly better, so sorry.
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Why the hell would someone steal a power chord? As if you wouldn't notice eh? Your ex-bandmate is a moron.
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