There really isn't a best. Each wah pedal has a different voicing. Out of all the Wahs I've used, I prefer the Vox V848 or the Wylde Wah.
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With no price range? My personal favorite (out of the 4 or so that I've tried) was the Budda wah, and I think the ultimate wah thread agrees with me.
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Ultimate Wah Thread
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used crybaby or v847 + a soldering iron and random parts. get a new wah pot, a dpdt switch, a new inductor, some resistors/pots, a couple caps, and an op amp or two and you can customize your wah to sound like pretty much anything you want. all you need is a basic wah and some time and you can do things like add buffers, a Q-control, extend the sweep, make it true bypass, make it switchable to a volume pedal, and cut/boost the bass for better response. and since you are customizing it yourself, it will be the best for you. thats what the best wah is, end of.
preferred is the Ibanez WD-7
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Ultimate Wah Thread



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