i have an Avenger A-7 (elite?) up for grabs here. This thing has been significantly upgraded. I've added new pots and switch, along with a switchcraft jack. I also installed a Dimarzio D-Activator 7 bridge pickup. Needless to say, this baby now SCREAMS. it's gunmetal gray metallic. i would much rather trade this for any ibanez/jackson/esp 7 string with a floyd. but i will let this baby go for around $500. It's a wonderful guitar, just more of an ibby/esp guy.
here are the specs:
25.5 scale
16" radius fretboard
bolt on maple/rosewood neck/fingerboard
mahogany body.
all UPGRADED electronics, Dimarzio D-Activator 7 Bridge pickup <-amazing!
graph-tech string saver saddles (so i'm told, i cannot verify b/c i have not removed the saddles.

Make me some offers guys!

im very interested
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