I'm a newbie to the forum. Been playing off and on 20+ years. Grew up in the 80's and still stuck in the time warp. Like some of the new stuff too. I'm from Canada across from Detroit Rock City
Northern Star
Introduce yourself in the First post thread next time. Don't start a thread, there already is one. Since you have only been on here for probably thirty minutes I just wanted to give you a tip. Just don't make that mistake in other forums. Also go and read the rules and FAQs to get yourself started. See you in the Forums!
Hello northernstar
Welcome to UG
There is a thread stickied to the top of this forum for introductions like this one.
Be sure to read the rules and faq and have while while you're here.
Feel free to PM me if you need help with anything at all.
Word of advice: Stay out of The Pit, by all means. But if you must go in there, make sure to hang around for a while and watch what goes on in there before posting. It can be brutal!
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atlasguitar & aig91: thank you very much for being helpful

northernstar: welcome to UG, but like the others said, there's a place for posts like this already. feel free to post again there
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