This has been done before, and because you don't seem to be making any sort of attempt to ad to it this is nothing more than spam.
quite possibly the single oldest idea ever
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Lighten up.

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Wow, the rape wagon. The wagon sounds like the best wagon in town
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"The sounds of the universe were joined together according to musical concord" -Plato

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Don't quote me, but I think it's a requirement to pledge allegiance if you're running for president :S

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o **** its that kid on that vid on youtube! the one that titled the vid as "yeah i suck" or something like that! lol n btw it did suck
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"It doesn't get much beter than that! Ok, maybe a free ibanez guitar and marshall half-stack in perfect condition would be better, but free pancakes comes right behind that"

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"My tone should be like me........FAT! "