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I searched, and didn't find a thread just for the Bananas. So, here it is.

The Bananas are awesome. I got A Slippery Subject when I saw them over the summer, and I had thought I lost it, but I found it. And now I can't stop listening to it. They're so fun and awesome to listen to. I would definitely recommend this cd, I wish I had more of theirs!

Oh, and while searching google for the band website, I came across this:

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Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring...
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I'm not a fan of the band...

Incidentally, on Monday Fresh Air had a guy on the program who wrote a book about the History of the Banana.

And it was actually really interesting .

Banana's are quite the colonial fruit.

I wish I could've been a Banana Baron.
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As much as a buncha bad **** happened to me when I went up north this summer it was worth all the pain, heartbreak and wasted money to get to see the Banana's twice.
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They seem like they'd be fun live.
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April, 18 2008 at Thee Parkside w/The Marked Men, The Bananas, Triclops! (all ages!!)
Not Available , San Francisco, California 94110
Cost :

Oh **** yeah, I didn't realize all these bands were playing this show. I think that I'll be going for sure now
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