What is the tonal difference between the AC30 combo and the AC30 head? I would run the head through a Marshall 1960A cab, and what can I expect tonally?

I would like the combo, but don't want to get rid of my stack, since I paid so much for it.
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Well, different speakers = different sound. If you were running them through the same speakers (what are they in the Vox amps? Celestion blues? ), they'll sound similar if not the same. What can you expect out of V30s? A bit more bottom and midrange I reckon.
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Your cab will "marshallize" the Vox. It'll have more low end than the combo. The combo with it's open back fills a small room better, while the stack will be more concentrated and direct.
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why would you have to get rid of the stack? Just keep the stack and buy the combo. It'll be the best of both worlds.
I would get the head, just because the head is always cheaper than the combo and since you already have a cab, you wouldn't have to worry about getting one (as half stacks are more expensive than combos, but the head themselves are usually a few hundred bucks less). However, I say this because I am always strapped for cash.
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In this case, it _might work_ The G12T-75-speakers that are in your cabinet are supposed to be quite similar to Greenbacks. Many people like the combination AC30+Greenbacks.
However, the classic AC30-sound you are thinking of is probably achieved with the Celestion Blue-speakers. The open-back combo will also as slatsmania said fill the room better.
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Is it possible to mix the AC30/JCM900 tones together?

You can mix them in analog (playing with the volume knobs of both). All you'd need is the cableage and an A/B/Y box. The only problem...if you wired the 4x12" as two 2x12"s, then you'd need to make sure that the "2x12"" you made can handle the JCM's output.
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I can switch the head to either 100w or 50w, and the cab can handle 350w total.

Hell, I'd run the JCM head at 50 wattls 98% of the time anyway. Sounds like, with a little wire and a couple jacks, you're on your way to one hell of a good time.
I had 2 of the Vox Combo AC30's before finally settling on the separate Head and Cab. Both Combo's had a Rattling sound coming from the Reverb Tank. The BLUE ALNICO's are the perfect fit for that head. Anything less just doesn't do the amp Justice. As for Combo vs Head.......

The build size and type of Cabinet will also effect the sound/tone. Combo's pack too much stuff in too tight of a space in my Opinion. You will almost always get better sound out of a separate cab.

I'm not a fan of the Marshall Cabs with the GT75 speakers. My Avatar Cab I use on my Orange Head is a Vintage 30 and an English G12H Heritage. It sounds really good too.

But for that Vox it's worth the extra money for the Blues. If you don't have the $$ right now..... get the Head. (It's far and away the best tone head at that price)......

Then save up the money for the 2x12 Blues cabinet. Or get one from Avatar. The Vox Cab is $999 and I got it strictly for the "aesthetic" of Matching it to the Head.

I guarantee a 2x12 Blues Cab from Avatar will sound better.
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