hey, ive got an epiphone special and i was interested in installing a third humbucker.
any thoughts?
Good luck.
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The concept of adding another pickup in reality is not difficult, it just takes some tools... which if you have, is fine. but if not, might cost you more to buy the tools to do it yourself than taking it into a shop.

anyways, if routing is no issue, wiring is really not much more of an issue, you just need to buy more parts...

If you're asking if it is worth the effort to put it into your guitar, only you can determine that.
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i personally don't think it's worth it, but hey, if you REALLY want to, go for it
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does it fit? including mounting plate and stuff? if it does buy a template, buy a router, center line your guitar, center line your template, route away, 3/4 deep on a guitar, 5/8 deep if the guitar has a tremolo, thats the factory standard. youd probably have to do some custom wiring, or install a 5-way switch.