so..as the title says, where can I test a pod xt in Toronto Canada?....Ive allready checked Steve's Music & 12th Freth and they dont have it.....any ideas?
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Long and McQuade? Songbird Music?
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I should recheck Songbird....last time I check them in December ...and never been Long & McQuade......10x
TS, where do you live? I live in scarborough, near birchmount park collegiate institute


I saw one at encore music, I think
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I live in North York...could u pls tell me where this Encore Music is situated? cause i cant find it on google...10x
Its on Byng avenue, You might not know where that is, Its a 24 minutes drive from north york. I'll ask my buddy to check, if its there then I'll let you know.

Isn't steve's music store a line6 dealer? they should have one. Which XT are you looking for? the live?
no....I'm looking for the "kidney" one...and it seems that steve's dont have it at this moment....I hope they will receive one in the future in case I can't find any other place. 10x for the quick replies sum ulgy man
10x a lot sum_ugly_man....I manage to try a used one at Lonf & M, and then I biught a new one from Steve's....the prices over there are fantastic...and I can say that this toy (podxt) is just fantastic, perfect for practicing in an apartmanent and allways trying new tones......10x again